ZŠarka Equestrian Sport Club
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Training with coach on a sports club horse – 45 min



Training with coach on a personal horse  – 45 min



Horse training – 1 month



Horse training in the saddle – 1 time



Lunging a horse – 1 time


Sport club of legendary rider Zigmantas Sarka. Z. Sarka career in horse riding started 1969.

Major achievements:

  • Respublican youth champion
  • Union championship 3rd place winner (1975)
  • Individual and team champion of the 8th nation cup (1983)
  • USSR team (1984-1987), personal (1987) champion
  • 11th nation cup team champion
  • World cup Raseiniai championship winner
  • Jump to hight Lithuanian record holder (209cm)
  • Worl and Europe championships participant, Lithuanian champion

VšĮ Zigmanto Šarkos žirginio sporto klubas
V. Krėvės pr. 111A-87, Kaunas, 50375
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Sport Club Staff


Lina Šarkienė
Sport club manager,
Physical therapist specializes in kinesiotaping and sporting massage

Our Riders

Zigmantas Šarka
The soul of sports club, inspirer and a person very much respected amongst all equestrian
community. There is so much more to tell about Z. Sarka, but those who know this person, know
exactly what we are talking about. (photo by Monika Paulauskaitė)

Zigmantas Šarka jr.
A rider who continues family tradition and follows his father steps in equestrian sport. As a person –
sensitive, patient, with a big and honest heart. Various competitions prize winner, has big ambitious in
equestrian sport.

Joana Damauskaitė
Independant, active and ambitious young girl. Everybody could envy her family support in
equestrian sport

Evelina Žičkutė 

2014 Lithuanian young champion, currently training abroad

Rita Kl

Everyone who falls in love with the horse has dreams. Rita had a dream about Raja and her dream
came true! The duet is taking first steps together, grows, learns and improves, knows their direction and
follows it.

Sigita Gricevičiūtė 
An athlete of Zigmantas Sarka ever since she was a child. Started riding in Marijampole equestrian
sports center. Very often rode horses of difficult temperament and succeeded with them. Had a break in
sports due to very important reason – education. However, today Sigita steps into sports arena
confidently and shows everybody that she didn‘t lose her riding skills.

Martyna Dovidaitė
14 years with horses. Traveling around the world, working with various equestrian teams. Over the last five years, she has gained experience as an assistant rider in top world competitions such as the 5 * Longines Masters of Hong Kong, 5 * Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida. Worked and trained at one of the best Stephex stables in Europe. She has won first place in the dressage competition in Japan.

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